Sunday, March 16, 2008

J. G. Melons

Huge. 8oz of juicy ground beef. J. G.’s has an open kitchen across from the bar, so we watched ‘em being cooked while we were waiting for a table and it was all I could do to keep from slobbering. Unfortunately my bacon cheeseburger had no flavor – no charbroil or seasoning – and it was just a large patty of meat. It’s what you’d get if you squished two handfuls of beef together and put it in a frying pan at home. It’s a big burger, but that’s all it is.

Crinkle-cut, round, cottage fries that were probably sitting under a heating lamp for too long. Points for doing something different with the shape, but they gotta be fresh to be good.

No onion rings on the menu. But chili was and just seeing it being dished out planted the seed for me to get some. Once again, there was no zing or zest in the bowl and nothing that mom couldn’t have served up to feed the kids.

I just had Bass, but the bar was well-stocked and I could have found quality in whatever type of alcohol I wanted.

The waitress seemed to miss a couple of requests for things, but she was pleasant enough. The place was busy and booming for a Friday night. And I actually liked the watermelon theme throughout the place.

Probably. I’m surprised it’s made so many best lists, but that’s probably because of the size. But when it’s said and done I felt like J. G. Melon’s would land just north of average on our best burger list.


Radar Screen said...

My lowest rating - seven thumbs.

OK, I stole that from Homer but J.G. Melon's was in fact among the worse burgers I've had on this journey. The highlight of the evening was watching the cooks do their thing behind the line. We provided 'Iron Chef' type commentary: "What's he doing with that Fish, Fish?"

Outside of that everything was forgettable. The bar we chose after - also equally important - was also questionable. We settled into some no-name UES bar, watching the semi-finals of the Big 12 Tournament with some rabid Kansas fans. Dirty lines on the taps and an advertised 'Best Wings in NYC" were some of the highlights.

Anonymous said...

yo ma mayan - yo gotstoh keep owan disah heah burgah quest - aight - ! - ? - lemme kno way di nex is at I'se be eatin it witcha - yayah! aight?


ACEtone Studio said...

it worked

ACEtone Studio said...

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