Saturday, April 28, 2007

Freak of the Week

So what did I miss over the past week? Well let's see....

Dennis Kucinich was on Bill Maher's show
last night. When asked, I've been saying if I had to vote today, I'd vote for John Edwards, mainly because I visited the candidates' issues sections on their websites and his was the least full of shit. But the truth is, Dennis The Menace is the man who is most closely allied with my goals, with our main point of agreement being universal health care that doesn't involve subsidies to the insurance industry. So I need to get over my problems with his weirdness and/or viability and get on board the Kucinich train. Because it's the only one that's gonna take me where I wanna go.

Wired had a good article about a site called MAPLight that lets you "follow the money." Do you think corporations aren't influencing how our political reps vote on legislation? Search on your topic of interest (defense, finance, telecommunications, whatever) and these guys will let you know how much money your rep got and then you can decide whether it influenced their vote. (Note - right now MAPLight only tracks the California legislature, but they're expanding to follow the federal government soon.)

My Yankees had a terrible week, losing 7 in a row. According to Fox Sports, there's talk of firing Joe Torre, but frankly, the only big mistake he's made this year is pulling the infield in when Mariano Rivera was pitching. Mo is not a ground ball pitcher and generally, the most likely way to get a hit off him is a bloop hit. While bringing the infield in in a close game is the correct "by the book" move, it's pretty stupid when Mariano is pitching and surely you'd think Joe woulda figured that out after the 2001 World Series.

Over the years, Slate has a done a great job tracking the Sopranos by having a dialogue between TV critics, mobsters, lawyers, shrinks and Sopranos writers about each episode of the show. For the final season, Tim Noah and Jeffrey Goldberg are going back and forth trying to figure out if and how Tony Soprano is going to die. They touch on some great Godfather references that may foreshadow what happens next. But I was slightly disappointed that they didn't see how the fade out on Junior Soprano at the end was reminiscent of Michael Corleone's ending in GF 3 (I said slightly because the 3rd installment certainly wasn't crucial viewing). Personlly, I don't think Tony is gonna get rubbed out. I think AJ is the tragic character in this show and whatever happens is gonna involve him. Anyway - the Slate takes are good reading if you're a fan of the show.

I'm a dancing interpretation of the meaning of syncopation
She's a big freak, (great big freak) going to be freak of the week
Gotta be freak of the week
Gotta be freak of the week


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Hambric's Curve said...

Dear F. Pudin:

Really, Figy? Really? Cause I must take issue with your choice of Dennis K., despite his appearance. I mean, his appearance on the Bill Maher show. (BTW, did you know B. Maher is featured in this month's issue of Acela's abso fabu mag, Arrive? No? F'real, he is! And that his wife is H.O.T. Hot? I mean DK's, not BM's 'cause BM's a hoe with narry a plan to wed. Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

But back to D. Kucinich. Really, Figy? Really? Come on, you and I both know he's too damn short to be Prezdent uh' ahMurka. (Dja like the Ohioan accent?)

"Universal health care without subsidies to the insurance companies" is truly a grand and noble goal, but in 'Murica at this juncture, how realistic is it? How does "universal health care with a bone thrown to the ins. cos." strike you? Because unless its done state by state, their lobbyist still have enough sway to make it more a mantra than a truth on a national level if any of us are expecting such a thing to flow from Washington like mana from Heaven. Just sayin'