Monday, June 11, 2007

(Just My) Imagination

I thought the conclusion of the Sopranos was great. With the super annoying "Don't Stop Believing" playing in the background, Meadow walks in the diner and black goes the show. It ended on a dime. With Tony nervously watching everyone who came through the door. With mean looking strangers lurking and AJ spouting off about enjoying the good times like Tony once told him. Were they about to be murdered? Doubtful - it goes against the mob code to harm member's families. A happy ending because Tony survived? Not in my book. The dude's gonna get indicted, his family and his life are still in jeopardy and paranoid is the operative word for the rest of his life.

For some reason though, I've heard people are unhappy with the ending. I'm not sure I understand that because if you've watched the show for much time you know they don't always give you a nice, neat and tidy story line that wraps with a happy ending. Life sucks and often leaves you hanging. Just like the Sopranos.

I remember people bitching about previous season endings of the show, with the gripe generally being there wasn't enough bloodshed. So I suppose most people watched this show for some other reason than why I watch it. But my love for The Sopranos was due to the contradictions - namely the creation of a sociopathic killer that you actually root FOR. And I guess the acting, writing, family theme and black humor had something to do with it too.

So get over it you naysayers. The ending David Chase gave us allows you to imagine any kind of ending you want. So stop complaining and let your imagination run free.

Soon we'll be married..
and raise a family.
In a cozy, little home out in the country
with two children, maybe three.
I tell you, I can visualize it all.
This couldn't be a dream for too real it all seems.
But it was just my imagination -- once again --
running away with me.
I tell you it was just my imagination
running away with me...
--The Temptations

PS - did I ever tell you I sat behind Agent Harris (Matthew Servitto) at a Yankees playoff game? It was in the upper deck in left field and I felt good that the best seats he could get were near mine.